Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Morning

What's on your mind on a quiet Saturday morning?

Not much.

On the drive to the Bronx the other day, a slow and languid instrumental piece came on. On these drives, there's not much to see outside. The deep blandness of Major Deegan, the frenetic Spanish of Fordham Road, the imminent parking on Cambreleng Avenue. Once, while veering the car into an awkward space, this song came on -- I waited in my car for the whole piece to finish. Pianos twinkle through a soft summer melody, evoking anticipation, melancholia (that, again), and some sort of resignation. Perfect for that moment before I got out of the car and headed up the steps.

The Album Leaf -- The MP [mp3]

The Album Leaf is not really a band, but a person, Jimmy LaValle, who used to play guitar for the San Diego-based post-rock band Tristeza. He mixes electronics with guitars these days. This track is from his 2001 album One Day I'll Be On Time. For those who saw Sigur Ros in 2003, you may remember The Album Leaf opening for them.

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