Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thurston Moore - Space

I wrote a review of Thurston Moore's new album, Demolished Thoughts, for the next issue of Inflatable Ferret (out tomorrow, I think). I'll post a link to the review once it's out, but for now here's a track off the album. I have to say right out that I was surprised by this record. It's a really lush sounding record (Beck produced) with 12-string guitars, violins, harps, and a light rhythm section. The guitar-violin combo really works here and the music is perfect summer music that's a little off-kilter. I highly recommend the album. Here's a particular gorgeous track ("Space") from the album:

You can download mp3s from the album at The Aquarium Drunkard. Also watch a cool video with Thurston Moore reminiscing about New York and talking about the album at the French website La Blogotheque.