Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Songs (1)

OK, just because I am absurdly bored, I will start posting my own music here for a while. For some reason, I have managed to write about 300 songs. While most of them are in acoustic demo form, some I've managed to record in 'full band' versions. I'll post two songs per post so as not to bore people into numbness.

First, a song called "Locust Dreams" which I wrote while living in Philadelphia during the end of my lost years. I later recorded a full band version while in graduate school, in my forgotten bedroom on Bayard Street somewhere in Pittsburgh. Amazingly, I used no reverb on the lead guitar solo but it sounds echo-y for some reason.

Locust Dreams is also the title of my first e.p. Anyone wants a copy, let me know. It has seven songs on it.

Second, a song called "Paul Westerberg" recorded in New York in the summer of 2003. I was living on 112th st. and Broadway, sharing a place with a very nice professor from Columbia who I have since lost touch with. I don't think she appreciated my loud guitar playing. This was as garage-y as it gets. I literally wrote and recorded this in an hour.

Joy - Locust Dreams [mp3]
Joy -- Paul Westerberg [mp3]

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