Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Life (NIN)

People need to share. They need to share thoughts, opinions, things, and bodies.

I am in Lisbon now which is the capital of Portugal, a nation oddly lodged between the Atlantic Ocean and Spain. I went for a late lunch in Santa Apolonia on the Rio Tejo (or as they say outside of Portugal, the Tagus River).

Things that I found of particular interest today: extremely ugly people, apple tarts, Roger Moore, medieval Lisbon, how to pronounce the plural of the word "bidet," the FUCKING genius of Bill Hicks, Richard Seymour's The Liberal Defence of Murder, Indian girls who have unbelievably gorgeous skin, Tacoma (a city in the state of Washington) which, barring death, I will be visiting at some point in the future, and the following particularly erudite song by one of my favorite group of musicians, the long defunct Flipper. They sang:

"Life, I too have sung death's praises
But I'm not going to sing that song anymore
Yes, I've figured out what living is all about
It's life! Life!
Life is the only thing worth living for
Yes life! Life! Life is the only thing worth... Life! Life!

(I know it has its ups and downs)."

I will attempt to leave Lisbon tomorrow to return home. Home is a rather slippery term these days as I seem to have somehow dislodged (that word, again) myself, at least metaphorically, from the notion of an existence grounded in the realities of normalcy.

OK, here's the song for today. It's the b-side to Nine Inch Nail's 1990 single "Sin." It sounds oddly quaint these days. But I remember enjoying it back when it came out. Guy was ahead of the fucking curve, you know what I mean? It took a lot of balls to cover a song by Queen in 1990. Queen was not hip or cool or whatever in 1990. Queen was embarrassing. I mean, what the fucking fuck?

Nine Inch Nails - Get Down Make Love [mp3]

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