Sunday, December 18, 2016

DJ-Kicks / Daniel Avery

DJ-Kicks, the product of German label !K7, has been going strong now for 11-12 years. Sure, they've had some hits and misses but 2016 has been a pretty good run, with I think five releases so far, including the much-talked about mix CD from Moodyman which was surprising in its eclectic stew, not what you'd expect from him anyway. Other great stuff this year, particularly if you were ever a fan of '90s techno, etc. Been listening a lot to Daniel Avery's turn recently, curating/mixing trax from the likes of Shlomo, Ekserd, BLNDR, etc but a slow of his own tracks that veer very close to the medicated ambien end of ambient... more frozen than melted. You can hear the full album here. Some choice tracks below:

Interesting feature on Avery in which he talks about "escape" from urban noise, the club as sanctuary, re/presenting the "unreal" over the "real":

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