Monday, July 04, 2016

La Femme - Sur La Planche

Been listening to music by La Femme, a French electronic surf pop band whose album Psycho Tropical Berlin (2013) is hard to get out of your mind, once you've heard it. Various websites say that the band is a krautrock band, but I honestly don't see it. They have a strong surf rock vibe (that twangy echo-y guitar) but with a artsy post-punk-ish pretensions.

It's basically high-energy electronic pop music with melodies designed for maximum indelible impact on your brain.

The first time I heard them was this song, "Sur La Planche" which was featured in an ad for a Renault automobile. And really, most of their songs should soundtrack auto advertisements. They're perfect for that. Since that album, they have released a couple of standalone singles ("Sphynx" and "Ou va le monde?") but if you like the following song, get the album. It's a total cheer-upper in these dark and disturbing times.


Meep said...

I just discovered these guys recently myself.

Here's another French electro/swing band I've been listening to alot recently Caravan Palace:

spaceman said...

Cool, thanks. Like it a lot!

Meep said...

This is weird XD