Thursday, April 07, 2016

Everything Was Forever, Until It Was No More

Someone once wrote a book called Everything Was Forever, Until It Was No More.
Which is really a great title for anything, don't you think?
It captures the friction between hope and reality that characterizes so much of life.
Yes indeed.

I've always liked this song:


Meep said...

Was reading a discussion about the rise and fall of Metallica:

What do you think?

spaceman said...

Thanks for that. Metallica's trajectory from cool band to uncool band actually echoes the life of a lot of bands. Most bands tend to evolve in their music from album to album, and usually (thought not always), their sound goes from more esoteric to more accessible. And that inevitably alienates the original fans. I think that this kind of fan reaction is less common these days with very new bands because of the way top 40 pop has essentially become synonymous with all hip music. So if a band nowadays gravitates towards electronic pop with autotune and some hotshot pop producer, people just shrug their shoulders. 20 years ago, these distinctions were much more important. And people thought in terms of "authenticity" or "cutting edge" music. It seems music has lost all its distinctions these days. I guess what I'm saying is that the way Metallica alienated its original 1980s fans is probably impossible to do nowadays.

Meep said...

Thanks that was insightful :P

Meep said...


Have you heard of these guys?

Also what do you make of Mumford and Sons and the folk scene?