Saturday, May 25, 2013


I've posted this before. I listened to this a lot in 2011. Bombino (Omara Moctar) is a guitarist from Niger. This is a live version of a song ("Ahoulaguine Alkaline") originally featured on his album Agadez (2011). It's a hypnotizing piece. Bombino has a new album, Nomad, that just came out.


Meep said...

Hope all is well with you. I wanna ask, but we only ever met once, briefly.

Anyway, always like ur posts on non-mainstream music.

I came across a nice Swedish band today. Thought you might like to try some of their music.

Fredrik - Dance of the Peacock Phantom

Fredrik - Alina's Place

spaceman said...

Thanks. This is pretty cool music. I'll do a post on them. I especially like "Dance of the Peacock Phantom."

Thanks also for asking about me. Am struggling a bit, but such is life.....