Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I was a few months short of nine years old when I first heard music that felt really important to me. Like it could make me really happy. Or at least that music could connect me to some place of happiness or accentuate it. The first song I heard that was like that was Elton John's "Philadelphia Freedom." Since then, I've grown up and listened to lots of "important music." But recently, I've been coming back to the songs that meant a lot to me from the age of 9 to about 12. Before I got all "serious." Many of those songs are rather silly, but even more of them still stand up today as music that is about the simple joys of melody and beats.

Here below are three songs. The first two are songs from that magic period, when I was a completely happy boy with not a care in the world. They are such lovely pieces of music.

The first one is by Slade is called "Merry Christmas." I'm not a terribly big fan of Christmas (the holiday). In fact, I don't even celebrate it. But this is the best song ever written about a holiday. It takes me back to being nine in my parents' house in Manchester, running around, chasing after Lipi, and watching "Swap Shop" on Saturday morning. I can smell the fish and chips in the afternoon.

The second one is a song called "Runaway Love" from a band called Natural Mystics. Such a lovely lead guitar solo at 1:40. Completely brilliant. I had this song on a cassette which I wore out, wishing that one day I would love a girl this much.

The third is a song from my "serious" period. This is Tool doing "Aenema." It's pretty much the only thing I can listen to now. The only song that makes any sense to me right now. How things change.

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