Friday, June 22, 2012


Readers will note that I took down two mp3 files from band Asteroid #4 at the request of the band. (I posted them originally here). I have to admit that I'm disappointed that the band asked me to do this. Let me explain: (a) My blog post was intended to promote the band, not to exploit it. I did not post a whole album or anything, or link to some torrent site or some shit like that. I also pointed to links where readers could PURCHASE their albums for (real!) money. This is how people discover new music these days. They stream music or download an mp3 or two from a band, check it out and decide to investigate further. (b) I was under the (obviously misplaced) impression that The Asteroid #4 are a bunch of cool dudes, not part of some massive faceless corporate force ready to come down on people who like their music (or want to expose others to it). But apparently they are not. Either way, I still like their music but I'm severely disappointed in them. (Admittedly I am not that important to their big rock star world, but I had to get that off my chest).

EDIT: See Lotus Plaza post above for update.


Meep said...

Idiots abound, can't help it. said...

Hi again. Below are multiple links for free downloads to all of The Asteroid #4's catalog, which they have absolutely no problem with people having access to...The band just preferred to not have this very disappointing blog give it away. Thank you.

Esther said...

^^"This very disappointing blog" ? Is that how you treat fans who write thoughtful commentary on your music (and plug it on their blog, no less?)

You guys are fucking jerks.

Asteroid 4 fan said...

You wrote a kind of insulting review. I mean you complimented them & then insulted them. Ridiculious lyrics ?overly serious faces ? kind of funny actually ? & then you want to promote your blog by playing their music. Why don't you make a record & perform on a stage instead whining through your computer in your bedroom. Sounds like you're the fucking jerk. The A4 is a great band, as I'm sure your 15-20 readers can attest to. I read your complaints of the bands response & all I hear is... Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

Esther* said...

* not the owner of this blog lol

Oh hello Asteroid 4 fan! It's an honor to be addressing one of Asteroid 4's three fans in existence.

I would like to enlighten you on the definition of a word. The word of the day is criticism.

the act or art of analyzing and evaluating or judging the quality of a literary or artistic work, musical performance, art exhibit, dramatic production, etc.

Which is exactly what joy of speed did in his blog post of June 13. I know it's a difficult concept to grasp--that there are not-for-profit blogs such as this one that try to engage meaningfully with cultural trends in music--but I know, judging from your post above, that I'm not exactly dealing with the most perspicacious of individuals (and probably, in reality, just a very mediocre troll).

And FYI: I do in fact have a band and constantly perform onstage. It's sort of experimental, but right now what we're doing is taking Asteroid 4 CDs and throwing them at the wall. We then record the sweet sounds of their destruction. It's been highly successful thus far, and the audience participation has been really encouraging.

spaceman said...

Dear "Asteroid 4 fan": If you read my review again, you will see that I called Asteroid 4's music:

-- "spectacular"
-- "a bona fide space rock classic" (referring to the debut album)
-- "they put on fantastic shows"

That is the exact opposite of insulting. Yeah, I called out "ridiculous" lyrics but tell me that "Egyptians & Druids" -- which is about aliens, Area 51, and Roswell -- isn't ridiculous! (Leaving alone that ridiculous lyrics in my book can actually be a GOOD thing! -- See Spacemen 3, etc.).

And that's not even the point.... I wrote about the band as a LABOR OF LOVE. And they went into attack dog mode. Good show!

Anyway, this is getting really tedious. Back to regularly scheduled programming.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that you have sand in your vigina Esther said...

Wow! This is good. Unfortunately for us, we receive updates through google every time our name is mentioned on this here Internet and this is a hotbed of commotion. With that said, we'd like to thank "asteroid 4 fan" for coming to our defense and of course spaceman for trying to put this to bed, which is a great idea, but before we do, can someone please tell us what we did wrong?
What is wrong with us simply wanting our music removed from this blog even after the writer states "I hope, the band won't mind"? Well guess what, the band minded and we even said please. Then we "disappointed" the writer by doing so? Well frankly we were disappointed by your post. We found it extremely ignorant and uninformed and here's the kicker, we don't give a shit about that! We love criticism too, (thank you Esther for the definition of that, you seem pleasant) as we get it all the time. However, you were a bit condescending by calling us "pretty funny" with "ridiculous lyrics" and a "cul-de-sac of imitation". So what makes you think we would be cool with you kind of being a dick AND giving away OUR intellectual property? You get to say and write anything you want about us, but you dont get to give away our property. Dig?
This isn't that complicated, you know nothing about us or apparently what we've done for the past 8 years since our bad country album (trust us, we know its not all that good) and we were "disappointed" by such uninformative lackluster journalism. Just because you said some nice things doesn't mean you get a pass to distribute our music.
It's OUR music, this is YOUR blog. We didn't ask to have the post removed because it's not ours, but the music was. Sorry we disappointed you spaceman.
Blogging; you have the freedom to say whatever you want and post other's music, which is awesome by the way, as we presented several others doing the same, but if we ask to "please remove it" we are chastised for doing so? That's a double standard. We're definitely NOT "corporate" and far from "rock stars", we simply didn't like your post and preferred to have our music removed. Damn we're "fucking jerks"!
Now Esther, I'm not sure why you're so upset, we called no one an offensive name or went into "attack mode" as spaceman suggested. I mean, really? We didn't see it as "thoughtful commentary" or a real "fan" writing it. However, you have to call us "fucking jerks"? I'm sure your experimental act is a musical force to be reckoned with, so please send us some mp3s so we can hear what "the sweet sounds of destruction" (again, you sound like a real peach) from our CDs hitting a wall sounds like. Although we'd suggest rather than destroying them, you shove them up your ass.
That's it, hopefully we didn't make anyone else upset. Spaceman, if you'd like to speak offline about any of this, please feel free to email us anytime at info@asteroid4. This is our final comment on this matter. Thank you.

spaceman said...

Dear Asteroid #4:
OK, fair enough, I appreciate the explanation. I can respect your opinion on this (although I do not agree with it).
Anyway, I don't want to continue this discussion here. I will be in touch offline.
P.S.: About the dude who made some misogynistic comment about "Esther," please don't come back and post here anymore. Besides being unable to spell, you're an asshole.

Esther said...

What is a 'vigina' anyway? How would sand get into a 'vigina'? Mysteries abound. I must say, though: misogyny on the internets! How original.

I wonder if bands like, say, radiohead or air take the time to write such bitchy and thin-skinned responses to fans who actually like their fucking music and write positively about their music? No? Why is that?

Oh, it's because they're successful! And they don't have the time because they're busy doing other things besides googling themselves!

Oh, Asteroid 4, you must get tired being so self-obsessed. I worry about you (all of you).

Actually, I don't. That was sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

All this write up is bull shit.I smell the word 'sell out'.I don't feel spaceman should've reacted or explained because it was a very fair piece and positive piece.

Anonymous said...

I am quite shocked u answered spaceman cos I smell 'sell out'.the piece you wrote was positive and fair.