Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Poolside - Harvest Moon

Is it wimpy of me to like -- nay, love -- this version? It almost beats the original.

And here is the gorgeously beautiful original. Does anyone bring more beauty into this world than this dude?

Stolen from a post by Simon Reynolds.


ghostroad said...

I'd never seen the video for Harvest Moon. It's kind of goofy and fun. I especially like the shot of the dude sweeping in front of the bar in time to the music, with the amazingly fake-looking full moon in the background.

The Poolside cover is nice. I like the U2-esque bits, but not the chorus, which sound autotuned. The original is way better, with those beautiful, shimmering bits of slide guitar.

spaceman said...

Yeah, the Harvest Moon video is kind of goofy, not at all what I expected. It's weird to see a video of a song you've known for years..

As far as the Poolside song, perhaps my enthusiasm for the song is colored by the fact that my son loves it. I was willing to let (even) autotune a break....

Anonymous said...

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