Tuesday, May 24, 2011


For Ashim, here's a cover of a song by the Soft Boys from a Replacements show on July 1, 1985. It's from a bootleg variously called Simply Unacceptable or 7th St. Entry in Minneapolis. Full rip of the show here.

The Replacements -- I Wanna Destroy You (live) [mp3]


Ashim said...

Awesome, thanks! I'm on a big Soft Boys/Robyn Hitchcock kick right now and just had to hear this.

spaceman said...

Yeah, there's a lot of good Soft Boys to get through. I think the Replacements did quite a few covers of Robyn Hitchcock songs ("Ye Sleeping Nights of Jesus" comes to mind). Speaking of, I got into him during his late period (Globe of Frogs, Queen Elvis, etc.) which while not as good as the earlier stuff is still a guilty pleasure of mine.