Sunday, March 13, 2011


Upcoming shows have tickets for:

Godspeed You! Black Emperor @ Church of St. Paul the Apostle (March 17)
Explosions In The Sky @ Radio City Music Hall (April 6)
PJ Harvey @ Terminal 5 (April 19)
Mogwai @ Webster Hall (April 22)

Hmm... except for Polly Jean, I detect a trend here: grand instrumental music designed to awe you into submission.

Now, if only Seefeel suddenly decided to tour the U.S., that would put me in heaven. And in fact, just as I was writing these words, a quick look at their website shows that they are indeed coming to the U.S., but at the very precise time when I am all but guaranteed to be elsewhere. Well, that sucks.


Anonymous said...

happy st patrick s day

spaceman said...

You too. It was a good show