Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I have not slept well in days, perhaps weeks. Can this be possible? It is. It's possible. It is happening to me right now. Every night takes its toll. Once, I used to listen to music while falling asleep. Now I listen to silence.

It turns out that nobody I know quite likes music the way I do. I live it. Breathe it. Sleep it. Think it. Dream it. I'm not that into film, TV, photography, poetry, literature, dance, art, sculpture, theater, opera, etc. I like some of these forms of art fine but they don't burn through me, they don't peel my skin off, they don't pull my hair out, they don't warm my heart, the way music does. I am an intensely aural being, I suppose. If for some reason, I became deaf, the lack of sound would kill me.

I got on Facebook recently although my quest to limit my "friends" to twenty at the most has failed since I'm up to 22 or something. I am still resisting the urge to invite members of my family and close friends here in New York. If I do, it would suddenly go up past one hundred. This would be very problematic. I am searching for this one person who I once knew in College Station, Texas. His name was Joe Rach. Where are you Joe Rach? You once went to a Replacements show with me many years ago. We had a great time. Where are you Joe Rach?

There's also Peter Hall I look for. But it's hard to look for Peter Hall on Facebook. I used to call him simply "Hall." He was the cool kid I wanted to be when I was 12.

Today I offer a song by one of my favorite albums of 2001, Faust, by the band Tangemeenie. It sort of captures my mood right now. They are about to finally release a followup to Faust, which is apparently titled The Gilded Age. Somebody get it for me! My birthday is coming up.

Tangemeenie - Inside the Moon [mp3]

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