Friday, December 19, 2008

Nine Favorite Albums 2008

9. Bauhaus -- Go Away White

Bauhaus had been touring the reunion circuit for a few years but out-of-the-blue they decided to record something and put it out. And they immediately broke up and decided never to speak to each other again (obviously Peter Murphy pissed off the rest of the band). The album doesn't reach the halcyon heights of their original first three albums but it's not bad either. The album sounds almost like they just showed up at the studio and recorded whatever they felt like. And for an experiment like that, it's pretty great overall.

8. King Khan & The Shrines -- The Supreme Genius of King Khan

Already wrote about this dude here. From beginning to end, this album is made to get up and dance. A nice video here:

7. Local H -- 12 Angry Months

The best band in the world that nobody cares about. This album is about a breakup, a song each about each month after the breakup. It goes through all the phases: denial, depression, anger, rapprochement, farewell, back together, final goodbyes, etc. And it's all true. Michelle (singer's girlfriend) really broke up with Scott (singer). It's great and they probably are still the best two-man live band in the world.

An old song but a goodie:

6. School of Seven Bells -- Alpinisms

Refugee from the Secret Machines crosses MBV with Nico, gets two supermodels to sing with him. They make good sounds.

5. Nine Inch Nails -- The Slip

Department of Guilty Pleasures from Childhood. Trent delivers. Still crazy after all these years. Surprising but true.

4. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds -- Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!

The baddest motherfucker with a moustache.

3. TV On The Radio -- Dear Science

Who the hell knows what it all means.

2. M83 -- Saturdays = Youth

Already mentioned before. Fakes you out by making you think you're fifteen again. A completely unnecessary album but somehow beautiful.

1. Deerhunter -- Microcastle


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